SonicWall SNSP SonicOS 7.0 (English)

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A key issue affecting an organization’s business productivity and employee efficiency today is its ability to respond to dynamic changes in the cyber threat landscape. To build on the knowledge you acquired by completing the SNSA certification, SonicWall presents the SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) for SonicOS 7 course. The SNSP for SonicOS 7 is an expert‐level training and certification program that builds on the enterprise security skills learned in the SNSA course. The SNSP for SonicOS 7 curriculum expands on the topics covered in SNSA for SonicOS 7 and features advanced SonicWall firewall configuration and administration tasks aimed at helping enterprises adapt to dynamic security environments. The new SNSP curriculum includes an enhanced and deeper scope of the SonicOS 7 features and functionality, as well as changes in the learning and delivery methodologies, to better balance the professional needs of the students and the business requirements for network and cyber security.

Course Objectives

The students will learn how to monitor, investigate, analyze, and configure SonicWall Next‐Gen firewalls running SonicOS 7 to enable advanced functionality related to Secure and Remote Connectivity, Network Optimization, and Threat Prevention. Upon completing the SNSP for SonicOS 7 program, the students will be able to demonstrate SonicWall product expertise and the application skillsets required to defend against limitless network and cyber threats effectively and implement SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity safeguards for seamless protection.

Training Delivery Modality

A flexible and learner-centric blended curriculum that combines online learning with hands-on, instructor-led classroom training:


This course begins with fully immersive, self-paced online training modules that showcase the unique features and functionality of SonicOS 7 in a simulated application environment. These training modules also include interactive simulations that will guide you in leveraging the unique NGFW capabilities of a SonicWall NSv firewall.

Instructor-Led Training:
The instructor-guided portion of the curriculum provides a suite of intensive ILT scenario based sessions, wherein you learn, in a risk-free lab environment, how to configure the SonicWall Next-Gen NSv firewall for network security, control and visibility. The blended learning approach of the SNSP for SonicOS 7 training program aims to enhance your learning experience and accommodate your busy schedule.
Successful completion of the SNSP for SonicOS 7 curriculum qualifies you to take the Certification Exam. While this exam is not taken in the classroom, you will access it online via SonicWall University once you complete the eLearning modules and quiz. For more information about certification paths, visit the Certifications page.
Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills:

  • High-level understanding of networking fundamentals and architecture, including OSI model, IP addressing, dynamic routing, switching, cloud and virtualization, network topologies and connectivity, wired and wireless networks, system backup and recovery, network applications and peripherals, network management protocols, etc.
  • Knowledge of enterprise security concepts and technologies. Such as firewalls, gateways, VPN architecture, threat protection, content filtering, NAT, IPSec, SSL, DPI, zones, encryption and cryptography, access control, identity management, security compliance policies, latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • SonicWall Network Security Administration (SNSA) Certification.

Course Syllabus:

eLearning Modules:

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. Configuring Capture Client - Advanced
  3. SonicOS CLI
  4. Implementing Best Practices

Instructor-Led Training:

  1. SonicWall Packet Monitor
  2. SonicOS API
  3. VPN Auto Provisioning
  4. Advanced Routing
  5. Advanced SD-WAN
  6. DPI-SSL/TLS Server
  7. DPI-SSH
  8. Advanced App Rules
  9. Advanced App Control
  10. 1Advanced DPI-SSL
  11. Advanced CFS
  12. Capture ATP
  13. DNS Security

Intended Audience:

Security professionals, System engineers, channel partners, service partners, and end-users with at least one year of experience implementing IT security technologies (Network, Applications, and Systems) and SNSA certified.

Sprache: Englisch
Veranstaltungsart: Zertifizierungstraining
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