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Our Solutions

Client Security

Client Security at Infinigate includes all solutions that have something to do with securing clients. This includes Data & Device Encryption, Endpoint Security and Mobile Device Security (MDM, MAM).

Content Security

Infinigate's Content Security covers all solutions which have something to do with securing content. This includes Advanced Threat Detection, Application Delivery Controller (ADC), Application Layer Gateway, Backup & Recovery and Data Loss Prevention.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a central security concept that makes all administrative activities structured and traceable, avoids inadvertently active application accounts, reduces the number of possible sources of error in administration and detects identity theft.


Infinigate combines Network Infrastructure and Wireless Infrastructure under the umbrella of Infrastructure Solutions. This includes Network Infrastructure, Wireless Infrastructure and WAN Acceleration.

Network Security

Infinigate's Network Security covers all solutions which have something to do with securing networks. This includes Application Delivery Controller (ADC), DDoS Protection, Network Access Control (NAC), Network IPS, UTM Firewall and VPN/SSL.

Security Management

Infinigate's Security Management comprises all solutions which monitor, control and protect security aspects in large and complex structures.

Vendors in our onlineshop

RSAC 2023 San Francisco

Are you in San Francisco for the world's largest security conference, the RSA Conference, in April? Infinigate is on site and organizing exciting opportunities to meet, learn and network around cyber security.

One simple network

Connectivity has never been more important to the business world than it is today, and due to the skills shortage, the time of IT specialists has also never been more valuable. Therefore, simplifying network management is of utmost importance. Businesses need solutions that enable their IT teams to manage a robust and stable network environment and support digital transformation. Learn all about your next and latest transformation in the eBook.

Roadshow with Sophos

Sign up now! Take off with Sophos into the future of cybersecurity-as-a-service. Sophos will set you up for success with sales and technical insights into the latest and greatest solutions like Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Rapid Response & more. Take the opportunity to get hands-on with all the key cybersecurity topics and learn how you can successfully leverage our industry-leading technologies to increase your revenue.

Aruba SD-WAN

Switch to a business-first network model now! According to a recent survey, 81% of respondents have a multi-cloud strategy and are already running applications in three or more different clouds. Not only are applications spread across multiple locations and multiple clouds, but users need to be able to access them from any device and from any location. Are you able to do this? Enter an agile cloud era now with Aruba SD-WAN and align network resources with ever-changing business needs.

Infinigate MSP

Would you finally like to set up your own managed services for IT security solutions and become an MSP yourself? Or do you want to optimize your existing Managed Security Services?

Infinigate is happy to guide and advise you in all phases of the development and sales process!

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About us

Today the Infinigate Group is represented by approx. 500 employees in 11 European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) with its own subsidiaries. Infinigate thus covers more than 80% of the Western European cyber security market potential and has established itself as the leading value added distributor for cyber security in Europe.