RUCKUS is now CommScope

The patented technologies built into CommScope / Ruckus' Smart WiFi products enable WLAN services with unprecedented reliability, range, speed and size.

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Present meets future

CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications technology to create the world's most advanced networks. Across the globe, its people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today's challenges and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of the future.
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Create an intelligent campus with Ruckus networks

A Smart Campus changes the way people live, learn and play. Ruckus can help you create more dynamic classrooms and a safer, smarter campus. With ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity everywhere, you can offer new learning models, connect students to campus services and ensure everyone's safety.

Cloud Wi-Fi

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi radically simplifies WLAN setup and management. With cloud-based networking, you can deploy, monitor and troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network from a single web dashboard or mobile app.

Controller-less access point solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Intelligent devices play a decisive role in influencing customer decisions and their behaviour. As WiFi devices become more and more an absolute necessity for customers and employees, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) face the challenge of providing reliable WLAN networks on a limited budget with few or no IT staff. Ruckus Unleashed is a controllerless WLAN solution that enables SMBs to deliver an optimal WLAN experience at an affordable price. Configured in a minute and deployed in minutes, Ruckus Unleashed eliminates the complexity of a controller-based WLAN. With easy migration options for Ruckus ZoneDirector, SmartZone or future Ruckus platforms, Ruckus Unleashed can grow with your business. SMBs can now offer a WiFi user experience with high RF performance and network stability.

Thanks to 802.11ac, users of Ruckus Unleashed Access Points (AP) can benefit from higher speed, better coverage and improved reliability. Unleashed APs incorporate Rucku's key technologies, such as BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology to maximise signal coverage, throughput and network capacity, and ChannelFly, our capacity prediction management for RF channel selection. Zero-IT also enables easy device onboarding with several key guest features, such as WLAN guest access, captive portal, guest pass and customer logo, to provide customers with critical value-added services. With Unleashed, every AP on the network actively supports clients. In addition, this controllerless solution enables single-site deployments with up to 25 APs and/or 512 clients.

MSP challenges and opportunities

Extend service offerings

As demand increases, edge networks put a strain on IT. Companies are looking for qualified, reliable MSP to outsource the management of their entire enterprise network - wired and wireless.

Increase income

A managed edge network offers new recurring revenue opportunities through MSP subscriptions, building a closer relationship between the MSP and the customer and increasing hardware revenue.

Open up the IoT market

Converged edge networks enable MSP customers to quickly deploy an IoT solution by using child IP/Ethernet network nodes with seamless connectivity for IoT protocols.

Support the market launch strategy

The flexibility to integrate private or public cloud services and physical or virtual data center services into a cohesive, seamless market offering

Exploiting the potential of your network

The global economy is increasingly dominated by digital products and services. Today, more data-intensive and mission-critical applications and services are run over the network than ever before, pushing the capacity of aging networks and infrastructures to their limits. So how can companies keep pace with technological innovation?

CommScope / Ruckus is committed to helping organizations scale and prepare for the future, no matter what comes. CommScope / Ruckus' technology can help in setting up the "pay-as-you-grow" network.

Learn how the network solutions can help you stay competitive and flexible. 

Myanmar Net

Case Study

Learn how CommScope's Ruckus solutions have helped bring Myanmar into the digital age with affordable, seamless Internet connectivity.

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WLAN coverage

Wireless LAN networks are playing an increasingly important role in corporate IT and are becoming the standard alongside wired LAN. This is due both to the increasing number of mobile end devices and to their widespread use in the private sector and the resulting acceptance by employees.

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