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What is SOCplus?

Under the term SOCplus, Infinigate offers a set of solutions and services that enables our partners to offer their end customers highly complex Security Operations Center Services (SOC) and more with comparatively little effort - and across manufacturers!

All about SOC! Warum ist das Thema SOC so wichtig

Die Lösung für mehr Sicherheit: Security Operations Center (SOC) ist eine organisatorische Betriebseinheit. Ziel ist es die Erkennung von Abwehr von Cyberbedrohungen.

Dauer: 59:00 Min. 


SaaS-based SOC platform incl. expert team for operational support of the partner (MSSP). Hosted in the IBM Cloud in Frankfurt.

Incident Response (G DATA Advanced Analytics)

Rapid expert support for resolving complex IT security incidents. The partner can conclude this as an option if he is not yet so fit in the IR area himself.

Incident Readiness (Infinigate)

Preparation of action plans and response chains for security incidents, if necessary in cooperation with CYREBRO and G DATA ADAN

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Infinigate)

Teaching IT security basics to end-customer employees

Change & Improvements (Infinigate)

Continuous improvement of IT security processes and implementation of improvements following a security incident

Pentesting / Vulnerability Management (coming soon - approx. end of Q3)

Automated testing for IT vulnerabilities at regular intervals to identify potential entry gates

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