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Linkyfi is the cutting-edge public access Wi-Fi management application integrated with a powerful Wi-Fi marketing platform built for any type of public venue such as hotels, restaurant chains, railway stations, shopping malls and airports.

Linkyfi gathers data about your Wi-Fi users and enables delivery of personalized marketing campaigns to clients based on their demographics, location and their historical data. It also contains an easy to use captive portal/splash screen editor, marketing campaign designer and analytical reporting subsystem. Linkyfi supports login via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), questionnaire, ads watching, regular account or pay-for-access option and enables both clients & assets indoor-location using phones, laptops or Wi-Fi tags. Linkyfi is the perfect solution to monetization venues’ free Wi-Fi networks and delivering value added services to clients. Linkyfi is the perfect solution for Wi-Fi access service providers looking for a complete solution!

What is Linkyfi?

Linkyfi is a solution for public WiFi access management and a powerful WiFi marketing tool. In this combination it is the leading value-added service platform for WiFi installations.

Independent WLAN add-on for an unforgettable WiFi experience

  • WiFi Access Management
  • Real-Time Navigation
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Location Services
  • WiFi Analytics & Performance Management

Linkyfi Location Engine

LLE is an intelligent WiFi solution for detecting and locating WiFi devices. It enables the operator to gain valuable insights into the behaviour of WiFi users in order to identify and optimise their needs.

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