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The BlackBerry Cylance team is committed to the mission of developing a robust security solution that protects against both known and unknown cyber attacks. The result is a solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively and proactively counter security threats. The solution is much more efficient than existing ones, requires minimal updates, uses fewer system resources, and limits the impact on network and users. The future of cyber security lies in a technology that is truly proactive because it uses artificial intelligence. BlackBerry Cylance offers such a solution, which is seamlessly integrated and silently prevents attacks in the background, completely without signatures, cloud or reputation-based lists.


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BlackBerry Cyber Suite

Bridging Zero Trust and Zero Touch Together, the components of BlackBerry Cyber Suite form the foundation for a Zero Trust enterprise security architecture.


BlackBerry protects customers from Nobelium attacks

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BlackBerry protects you from HAFNIUM attacks

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BlackBerry verhindert REvil Ransomeware

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Ransomeware prevention is possible

Ransomware attacks can be devastating, with impacts ranging from permanent loss of irreplaceable data to life-threatening disruptions to patient care. Learn how BlackBerry® PROTECT prevents the execution of ransomware, including Petya, Goldeneye, WannaCry and Satan, with machine learning models dating back to September 2015, long before the malware appeared in the wild.


10 signs that your endpoint protection is outdated and you need to upgrade

The continued rise of dangerous cyberattacks shows that common protection measures are not keeping pace with modern threats. Download the guide to learn more about the warning signs that you should review your endpoint security.


Content Security

BlackBerry® Protect

AI-based Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that can predict all types of cyberattacks and prevent their execution. Human intervention is not required.

BlackBerry® Protect Mobile

Continuous AI-based protection for mobile devices without disrupting users. Regardless of device type (including managed and BYOD devices).

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BlackBerry® Optics

An AI-driven Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution works closely with BlackBerry Protect. It keeps you one step ahead of cyber attackers and keeps your business protected. Even in offline mode.

BlackBerry® Persona

An Endpoint User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution that dynamically adjusts cybersecurity policies using predictive KI. In real time and based on user location, device and other factors.


BlackBerry® Guard

Our subscription-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cybersecurity service leverages KI and 24-hour support from BlackBerry's world-class Incident Response (IR) team and experienced prevention experts.

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BlackBerry® Cybersecurity Consulting

Offer your customers more service and expand your portfolio with BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting Services.

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35 Years of Security

Everyone knows BlackBerry, or at least thinks they do. Their security systems started with mobile devices over 35 years ago. What made their phones so powerful was their security.
Today, they're blending artificial intelligence and machine learning with proven security and deploying it across all devices. 

2 minutes video


Intelligent Security. Everywhere.

Intelligent Security. Everywhere. Over 35 years ago, BlackBerry defined secure mobile productivity. Today, its protection is even smarter. 
 Learn how their intelligent security can make everything safer - and you more productive.

 1:30 minute video


Spark Suites for Unified Endpoint Security and Management 

Learn how BlackBerry enables business continuity, unified endpoint security and management for a global enterprise.

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Prevents "BHunt Scavenger"

Watch the video to learn how to prevent a malware attack with BlackBerry's solutions - because with BlackBerry® Protect, malware is stopped before it executes. 

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SE Labs Report Testsieger 2021

BlackBerry® Protect and BlackBerry® Optics received AAA designation in the SE Labs Breach Response Test for detecting and preventing cyberattacks. The BlackBerry® products were exposed to numerous publicly available attack methods. In the process, they were able to stop all threats before any damage occurred.

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Threat Intelligence Report 2023

BlackBerry® has compiled actionable intelligence in the 2023 Global Threat Intelligence Report to help you best prepare for cyberattacks. You should be able to make informed decisions and take immediate defensive action in the event of an emergency.

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