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KMU-Lösungen im Bereich Communications und Security

GFI Software was founded in 1992 and is now part of Aurea SMB Solutions. The product portfolio covers the areas of communication and IT security for small and medium-sized businesses. In 2017, GFI Software will be one of the first software vendors in the world to offer its customers a software library from which they can use all its products with a single license - GFI Unlimited. GFI Software's strategy for the coming years is to continue to expand its software library portfolio. This will ensure that users always have access to the latest and greatest software solutions.


GFI Store

You can make direct purchases, inquire about products, and gather comprehensive information, including real-time availability updates. The store you find in our new Partner Portal ID Connect.

GFI Unlimited

The applications SMBs need with an easy-to-choose price

Small and Medium-sized businesses are familiar with buying business software applications together as part of a suite. Popular suites address the SMB need for connection and collaboration (through email, calendar, etc.) and creating and sharing ideas (making documents, spreadsheets, presentations).

While collaboration and creation are important, SMBs face new issues that center on security and networks. The amount of cloud applications and data now in play, the threat from hackers and other malicious agents, and the requirements of compliance regulations make your network and its security the new table stakes. GFI Unlimited is a growing set of software solutions for SMBs focused on collaboration, network, and security applications. Deploy capabilities from GFI Unlimited based on your requirements and needs, at your own pace. 


New! GFI HelpDesk (On-Premise)

Manage support issues with an all-in-one helpdesk  

GFI HelpDesk is an on-premise, central-ticket management system. It allows your clients and customers to contact you with queries and issues through an easy-to-use interface, including live-chat.

  • Easy management of customer inquiries & support 
  • Clear presentation of the entire customer history
  • Additional functions such as chatbots that go beyond traditional support systems

GFI HelpDesk can be used within GFI Unlimited! 

Datasheet GFI HelpDesk

GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials protects your mail server with up to 5 anti-virus engines and 16 different spam filters! It integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook using the Outlook Connector.

GFI Archiver

Available immediately: GFI Archiver V15
GFI Archiver ensures that all business emails and files are archived in accordance with the law. GFI Archiver integrates seamlessly with existing email infrastructures by running alongside Microsoft® Exchange Server, Office 365™, Google Apps™ and other mail servers.

GFI FaxMaker

GFI FaxMaker's cost efficiency and time savings make it a leading fax server - the ideal alternative to manual faxing. GFI FaxMaker allows you to automate fax transmissions - cost effective, time-saving, scalable, intuitive and secure. Let employees send and receive faxes via email, the GFI FaxMaker fax client and existing business applications, as well as on the go via the GFI app.

Security products

GFI LanGuard

GFI LANguard gives you a complete overview of the current protection of your IT environment, including connected mobile devices - identify, assess and remediate vulnerabilities with minimal effort.

Kerio products

Kerio Connect

The cost-effective but very powerful alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 for SMB's. Platform independent and mobile use of e-mail, contacts, calendar, instant messaging and more! Available on-premise and as a cloud solution.

Kerio Control

Protect your network from viruses, malware and attacks with Kerio Control. The easy-to-use security solution includes a next-generation firewall, router, intrusion detection prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, VPN, and web, content, and application filtering. In addition, HA functionality is now also integrated! Downtimes are a thing of the past. Available as software and as hardware appliance.

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