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Hornetsecurity is a leading email cloud security and backup provider, which secures companies and organizations of all sizes across the world. Its award-winning product portfolio covers all important areas of email security, including spam and virus filtering, protection against phishing and ransomware, legally compliant archiving and encryption — as well as email, endpoint and virtual machine backup, replication, and recovery. Its flagship product is the most extensive cloud security solution for Microsoft 365 on the market. With more than 350 employees in 10 regional offices, Hornetsecurity is headquartered in Hanover, Germany and operates through its international network of 5,000+ channel partners and MSPs and its 11 redundant, secured data centers. Its premium services are used by 50,000+ customers including Swisscom, Telefónica, KONICA MINOLTA, LVM Versicherung, DEKRA and CLAAS.

E-mail Threat Review

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Office 365 – Bundle overview

365 Total Backup

With 365 Total Backup you benefit from a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries and endpoints (end devices such as laptop, desktop, etc.). Thanks to the simple configuration, you can easily backup, manage and restore all of your company's Microsoft 365 data - simply and automatically.

365 Total Protection

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection - specifically designed for Microsoft Office 365 - adds deep protection to your customers' Microsoft Services. Users of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials are comprehensively protected in their communication, so that sensitive company data remains secure. The automatic e-mail archiving of incoming and outgoing e-mails is DSGVO and GDPdU compliant. All domains, mailboxes and groups of a customer are transferred directly from Office 365 to the Hornetsecurity Control Panel - the setup is automated.

Hornetsecurity solutions

Spam and virus filters

The spam filter of Hornetsecurity protects the e-mail traffic of your end customers reliably against spam, viruses and malware. The migration and the integration run without effort, because the solution is platform independent. The operation (installation, system updates, database updates, server exchange) as well as the active monitoring is done by Hornetsecurity 24/7. The cloud service "Made in Germany" is EU-DSGVO-compliant and is hosted in German data centers.


With Hornetdrive you offer your customers an encrypted online data storage as a central filing system for important documents. This enables them to constantly exchange documents and information, where files are edited and shared together and a new version of the file is stored after each change. Individual data can be released in encrypted form via URL, further users are also invited via URL link. To ensure that everyday business life also runs smoothly on the move, the solution is platform-independent and can be used offline from any location. The cloud storage is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and also allows integration into the network drives of your end customers.

E-mail archiving

Valuable information is exchanged daily in business emails. Therefore it is important to store the data traffic in a structured and protected way. The e-mail archiving of Hornetsecurity offers this protection automatically and keeps e-mails up to 30 years. Intelligent search algorithms allow a precise search to find certain mails quickly.

E-Mail continuity

With Hornetsecurity's e-mail continuity, you can comprehensively protect your customers' e-mail system from failures and even complete losses, because the stand-by system is activated fully automatically within a few seconds. The restoration of the e-mail traffic during the breakdown prevents at the same time a data loss of important information.


The Hornetsecurity Webfilter blocks web-based attacks and protects the IT infrastructure of your customers from unwanted content such as malware and malware.

The solution controls and monitors user and program access to the Internet to enforce cross-company policies. 

Web filtering is quick and easy to set up via dashboard activation, and management is simple.

E-Mail encryption

Business information is communicated daily by e-mail. Sensitive and confidential data must be protected against complex attacks. Hornetsecurity's e-mail encryption combines the protection of this data with easy administration and use.
The solution can be implemented quickly and the time required is low. Structured rules and guidelines as well as a clear overview make it easy to use and manage. 

Advanced E-Mail Signature and Disclaimer

With the Advanced E-Mail Signature and Disclaimer Service of Hornetsecurity you enable your customers to present themselves in your e-mail communication professionally and uniformly to the outside world. you can not only create individual signatures and disclaimers, but also quickly integrate already existing signatures via HTML source code and thus help your end customers to a digital and legally correct business card.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) from Hornetsecurity effectively protects email infrastructures from cunning and complex attacks: ransomware, blended attacks, targeted attacks and digital espionage don't stand a chance. The innovative solution provides a real-time attack notification service so you can respond immediately to attacks in your end-user email environment. ATP integrates seamlessly with Hornetsecurity's spam filter.

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