Riverbed is the leading provider of Application Performance Infrastructure solutions and provides the most comprehensive platform for a location-independent infrastructure.

Products from Riverbed

The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform transforms the use of high-performance network- and cloud-based applications that connect people, businesses and experiences in our digital world. The platform is powerful tools that identify and resolve application performance issues and provide insight into how users interact with and use applications. Together, they provide valuable insights that help IT teams optimise application performance and develop strategies that better align with business needs. 

We offer you the following

Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP)

Support from our multilingual support desk (24x7x365)

Riverbed Authorised Training Partner (RATP)

Training centre for scheduled, private and online training courses

Riverbed Authorised Consulting Partner (RACP)

Execution of vendor-authorised professional service engagements

Riverbed Advanced Access Partner (RAAP)

Exclusive position that ensures we are the first to know about new product developments.

As our partner, you can count on us for technical, commercial or operational support. We'll help you through almost every phase of a project across the Riverbed portfolio. We simplify Riverbed solution selection, implementation and support so both you and your partner see value faster.

Why Infinigate and Riverbed?

Nuvias, an Infinigate Group company, has enjoyed a successful partnership with Riverbed for more than a decade and has won the EMEA Distributor of the Year award for seven consecutive years. Infinigate has played a significant role in the growth of Riverbed and its SteelHead business during this time. Today, Riverbed is a strategic partner in Infinigate's solutions portfolio across Europe.

Based on this, Infinigate has developed a solution delivery model and partner development programme that aligns sales, technical and marketing resources. This allows partners to continue to grow and develop their business with Riverbed.

 Through investment and a long-term commitment from its own Riverbed resources, Infinigate is the most highly skilled, competent and knowledgeable Riverbed distributor across Europe. Infinigate is a highly accredited service, support and training partner and has achieved the Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP), Riverbed Authorised Consulting Partner (RACP) and Riverbed Advanced Access Partner (RAAP) awards. Infinigate is currently the only Riverbed Authorised Training Partner (RATP) in Europe.

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