Dynamic threats require adaptive protection

Cyber criminals are getting cleverer and cleverer.
Your security should not be left behind.

Zukunftsgerichtete Sicherheitslösungen der ITcom Pro AG by Trellix 

Eine starke Partnerschaft: Mit den vielfältigen Cybersecurity-Lösungen von Trellix deckt die IT Com Pro ganzheitlich alle wichtigen IT-Sicherheitsaspekte ihrer Kunden ab. Lassen Sie noch heute Ihre Infrastruktur durch die bewährten Trellix-Lösungen schützen! Reduzieren Sie zudem mit den Managed Services der ITcom Pro Ihre wirtschaftlichen und technischen IT-Risiken.

Strengthen your security

When your security keeps pace with dynamic and malicious actors for speed and adaptability, tomorrow's threats become today's protection. Trellix calls this "Living Security".

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The Living Security Approach

We have developed an XDR architecture that can be adapted to your business, enabling greater resilience and agility...

Learning and adaptation

Our vibrant XDR ecosystem takes advantage of AI and ML to adaptively strengthen protection. This helps you stay ahead of dynamic threats and ensure business continuity.

Native and open

The flexible and scalable platform with its open APIs integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies. This creates your own individual ecosystem that strengthens your security.

Competent and embedded

Trellix experts monitor and investigate threats and campaign activities to provide detailed and actionable data on threat actors and their behaviour.

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