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Complete and networked cyber security for MSP

Threats are constantly changing and constantly adapting. That's why you need a security partner who not only identifies new threats and environments early, but also provides you with a set of networked security controls to help you better protect your customers. Knowledge of cyber security is in short supply. That's why you need a partner who can provide you with security experts who are passionate about your success. 

This gives your customers the freedom to grow and achieve more as your business grows. This is The Art of Cybersecurity.

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In the various Youtube episodes, Trend Micro experts discuss managed services. 

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Change the way you look after your customers and create added value!

Trend Micro's Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program offers many opportunities and benefits. For example, it makes it easier to deploy, manage and sell security solutions. Plus, recurring revenue from endpoint, data center, mobile, email and cloud solutions that provide the best protection for your customers. 

Trend Micro as the only provider of: 

  • Endpoint - Cloud-based security detects even the most advanced malware through machine learning and other security features. 
  • Data Center - Server security for physical, virtual and cloud environments. 
  • Email - Email solutions that provide up-to-date protection against spam, malware, spear phising and the latest ransomware.

Your advantages

Maximize your cash flow

  • Pay-as-you-go monthly payment
  • No minimum purchase quantity
  • Graduated prices according to purchase quantity
  • No upfront costs
  • Continued sales from a broad product portfolio

Self-provisioning of licenses

  • Multi-client capable management tools
  • Third party RMM and PSA integrations
  • Customer loyalty
  • Compilation and provision of own products and services

Supplier support

  • Trend Micro Account Manager
  • SaaS and on-premises solutions for any customer environment
  • Dedicated technical support

Helpful Trend Micro Tools for Managed Service Providers

Trend Micro Remote Manager

MSP partners can reduce costs by managing multiple solutions centrally, securely, and from anywhere with Trend Micro Remote Manager Solutions such as Worry-Free Business Security, Hosted Email Security, Cloud App Security, and Deep Security can be offered to your customers through the MSP program. 

This secure, hosted web console helps MSPs increase profitability by reducing the cost of serving customers:
  • Centrally manage multiple Worry-Free Business Security, Hosted Email Security and Cloud Apps security customer accounts from a single web console
  • Full customer contact and complete configuration control of customer installations
  • Immediate display of the security situation of a single or multiple customers

License Management Platform

The Licensing Management Platform enables MSPs to deploy product licenses on demand: 24x7x365.
The Licensing Management Platform for Service Providers is a Web-based solution that allows you to create, manage and maintain customer licenses for Worry-Free Business Security, Hosted Email Security and Cloud App Security. You as a partner can design the platform with your logo and CI/CD.
Simple customer creation techniques, such as batch uploads and pre-defined registration, dramatically reduce the operational costs for managed service providers in reporting. These features enable more efficient billing and auditing.

So where do we go from here?


We are happy to provide you with a step-by-step guide through the registration process. You will also find out more about the process up to the xSP partner.

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xSP data sheet

You can also find all information in the xSP data sheet. Or on the MSP landing page of Trend Micro.

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