Varonis protects data and email, on-prem and in the cloud, from cyberattacks and insider threats. These solutions are truly pioneering.

Varonis is a true pioneering vendor. The data security platform detects insider threats and cyberattacks by analyzing data, account activity, and the behavior of people and machines. This enables rapid risk reduction, advanced threat detection and compliance proofing.

Varonis products

  • DatAdvantage (Data Audit & Privacy)
  • DatAlert Suite (security analyses)
  • DataAlert Analytics
  • Edge (perimeter telemetry)
  • Data Classification Engine (sensitive content detection)

  • DataPrivilege (Data Access Governance)
  • Data Transport Engine (data retention and migration)
  • Data Automation Engine
  • DatAnswers (enterprise search and discovery)
  •  Regulatory data classification

Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data. This includes confidential files, email, customer, patient and employee data; financial records; and strategic and product plans. 

Using machine learning, the platform creates profiles of non-critical behaviors for each user and device. Based on these, anomalous behaviors can be identified. Companies gain a comprehensive overview and full control of their data through this analytics process. This ensures that only the right users can access the right data from all devices at all times. Cases of misuse can be identified and reported immediately. Locking down sensitive and outdated data enables disaster mitigation and prevention. This automation process efficiently ensures a secure state. Varonis makes digital collaboration secure, easy and efficient.

By using Varonis, companies can:

Protect data on-premises and in the cloud by transparently monitoring mission-critical systems without endpoint agents.

Retrieve hard-to-access telemetry data from disparate data sources to uncover hidden data security risks.

Detect suspicious user behavior with machine learning to identify sensitive data at risk and dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach.

Automatically reduce data exposure and optimize privacy controls.

Why Infinigate and Varonis?

Varonis' solution is different from traditional cybersecurity products because of its focus. For this reason, it perfectly complements Infinigate' vendor portfolio. Infinigate is the only distributor in the DACH region.

The advantages of the all-in-one platform

  • Rapid reduction of data exposure
  • Detection of anomalous behavior
  • Proof of compliance
The typical use cases for Varonis products are Data Protection/ IT Operations, Audit & Compliance, and Insider Threat Detection & Response.

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