People Move. Networks Must Follow.

Connect your world with intelligent mobility. Aruba provides a secure network deployment, no matter where the user works or where he is.

Companies from a wide range of industries rely on Aruba's products to ensure the deployment of their wireless LANs, branch offices and remote networks and to manage them centrally. From huge headquarters to home offices or mobile workers, 

Aruba offers best-in-class products in all areas. For the secure connection of users with information and applications from the corporate network - no matter where it is located.


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People move. Networks must follow.

Connect your world with intelligent mobility. Aruba provides secure network deployment wherever users work or travel.

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Aruba Latest

Aruba & Infinigate | Instant On explained

Instant On - the better way to WLAN. 
Aruba Instant On makes your enterprise WLAN incredibly simple. Setup is done in just a few clicks and automatic data routing ensures that all your information flows along the fastest path. Aruba also knows that security is not an add-on, it's a MUST and is therefore included at no extra cost. 

Aruba & Infinigate | Aruba Central explained

Aruba Central is now part of HPE GreenLake. Aruba Central is now an integral part of the HPE GreenLake platform, providing IT administrators with a single operating model to improve efficiency and control costs.

Aruba & Infinigate | Aruba UXI Sensors explained

Aruba UXI Sensors - getting to the root of the problem. All elements are designed for the simplest, fastest setup. Simply send the sensors to your remote site and watch them come online without technical assistance. In case of problems, the UXI sensor automatically saves the DCAP, checks wireless assignment and authentication, and reboots the device. These robust UXI sensors provide holistic security and can test up to four wired and wireless networks.  

Aruba & Infinigate | Instant (On) explained

Aruba Instant or Aruba Instant On? Attention, confusion!

Confusingly, the word "Instant" is used with both product lines. However, the two products are separate and therefore cannot be managed on the same network. Aruba Instant is designed for larger enterprises, while Aruba Instant On is designed primarily for small businesses or homes.

Does your network have a sixth sense?

This is now possible.

AIOps solutions for IT

AI redefined. Proactive and forward-looking insights.

Aruba AIOps automatically detects and dynamically resolves problems across your entire network - before they impact your business or your users even notice something is wrong.

Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On offers good value for money. A one-year warranty provides security. Phone support is free for 90 days and chat support is free for the first year. There are no hidden subscription fees or surprises. Aruba Instant On offers a new way to grow your business. With Aruba Instant On you can increase sales and profitability with a well-known and respected brand. Discover why Instant On is a big deal for small businesses.

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Introducing our new 1930 Switch Series

7 different models. PoE+ capabilities. All affordable. All easy-to-deploy. All designed to help your business do more.

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Aruba Central

Aruba Central for simplified networking managed in the cloud.

IT organizations today are adopting cloud networking at an astonishing pace. With a centralized model, wired, WLAN and SD-WAN operations can be streamlined, potential network and device problems can be identified more quickly and business benefits can be created. This is managing the limits of today's intelligence.

Manage everything from a single interface

An easy-to-use interface streamlines infrastructure and task development and takes advantage of unified management and orchestration. Everything from global site views and AI-based statistics to time-saving alerts is integrated and ready to go. 

The benefits of the cloud for businesses.

In addition to a modern microservices platform for flexibility, there is also the advantage of simplicity. IT can ensure timely software updates, easily add enterprise-level security to meet compliance requirements, and optimize IT efficiency-all while keeping costs under control.

A scalable microservice approach.

In the world of software, flexibility makes all the difference, whether you have to wait months or days for a new function or a correction. Aruba Central provides fault tolerance and flexibility so that new services can be added easily without affecting core functionality.

WLAN coverage

Wireless LAN networks are playing an increasingly important role in corporate IT and are becoming the standard alongside wired LAN. This is due both to the increasing number of mobile end devices and to their widespread use in the private sector and the resulting acceptance by employees.

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