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Overview, comfort and security for your entire network

The experienced IT experts have been offering manufacturer-independent, BSI-certified solutions since 2003. These solutions protect heterogeneous networks from unauthorized access through immediate network transparency. macmon is quick and easy to implement and offers considerable added value for network security. macmon can be integrated with other security solutions from international technology partners, such as Endpoint Security or firewalls. Customers obtain an immediate network overview with graphical reports and topology. In addition, macmon offers customers and partners an extensive training program and 24/7 support from Germany. This makes macmon a key IT component in the areas of digitization, BYOD or intent-based networking.

Protect your network from intruders

With macmon Network Access Control you always know which devices are in your network and where they are. PCs, notebooks, printers, medical and technical devices are identified, efficiently monitored and protected against unauthorised access at all times.

(The video is in german)

macmon Speed Date

In our NAC Speed Date you will learn, in a very brief way, how to get a complete overview and management of all end devices in your infrastructure within a few hours.

The macmon NAC LifeCycle is divided into three phases, which at the same time form the basis for successful network access control projects:

1. Overview: complete network overview and detection of UFOs (unknown foreign objects).

2. Network Access Control: effective control of network access as well as a uniform and automatic set of rules for controlling all groups of devices.

3. Compliance: Verification of security levels, automatic isolation of unsafe devices and connection of technology partners.

Take 30 minutes time and let us convince you! Network Access Control - the next level - at competitive conditions.

Speed Date Webinar

What is macmon Network Access Control (NAC)?

macmon NAC Video - see & hear how NAC works!

In this video you get the most important information about Network Access Control clearly presented and simply explained.

macmon NAC - Network Access Control

Overview, comfort, security of your network access

With macmon Network Access Control, you always know which devices are in your network and where they are. UFOs (unknown foreign objects) are now a thing of the past, as all devices used, such as PCs, printers, laptops, medical and technical devices, are identified at all times, efficiently monitored and protected against unauthorised access.

(The video is in German)

macmon MSP

The range of IT services as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can now be extended by a further module. With macmon secure, MSP now have the opportunity to further expand their competence in the area of network access control. The offer includes solutions for "operators" as well as for "hosters" in connection with billing models, which are adapted to the current offer of MSPs.

Implement NAC cost-effectively and easily

Making more turnover intelligently

Are you looking for a useful extension to your security portfolio for your customers? Network Access Control (NAC) is one of the growth factors of digitalization. After all, IT networks are constantly growing. These risks also apply to small and medium-sized enterprises. Until now, the initial cost of a NAC solution was too high in relation to the effort involved.

With macmon NAC smart you get an ideal package for your customers. This makes overview, control and security in the network easy. The solution is specially designed for small and medium-sized companies. 

In addition to comprehensive network transparency, guests and BYOD management and differentiated enforcement of policies, the solution can be put into full operation quickly and in just a few hours without infrastructure changes.

(The video below is in German)

macmon NAC Smart coming soon

  • Network Premium Bundle with hardware or virtual appliance
  • Infinigate Support & Remote Installation inklusive
  • Available in 48 hours

Your advantages as IT reseller with macmon NAC Smart

  • High margin (15%) and minimal effort through remote service
  • No partner registration necessary
  • No pre-certification necessary
  • Very easy to place with the customer
  • Simple implementation through remote installation
  • Ideal additional business
  • Ideal for building a long-term business with NAC

NEW: macmon NAC smart

macmon NAC smart explained in a few minutes

In this video we show you how macmon NAC smart can help you especially with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

macmon Bundles - the NAC solutions

With macmon NAC you have a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times. In addition, many necessary configurations are made automatically, thus guaranteeing the security of all devices in the network. To protect your network from unauthorized access, macmon offers you two efficient product packages

Learn more about Network Bundle, Premium Bundle and Add-Ons!

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Industry solutions from macmon - intelligently simple

Different industries, different needs.

The branch overviews of macmon Secure GmbH give an insight into how user-optimized network access control can look like: 

Due to the flexibility of NAC with macmon, specific industry requirements are no problem. 

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100 % legally compliant according to DSGVO EU as well as (reDSG) of Switzerland

macmon NAC supports the implementation of the new data protection law of Switzerland, which is very closely aligned with the DSGVO of the EU, by providing overview, segmentation and isolation of end devices in the networks. The new data protection law (revDSG) is expected to come into force in the second half of 2022.

Ihre Vorteile mit macmon...


Useful integrations with other security products.

Intuitive handling

Introduction within one day through automation and VLAN management (Video only available in german version).



Mixed operation with and without 802.1X (Video only available in german version).


Independent of manufacturer

Implementation without changing the existing infrastructure.

Guest Management
Grant guests and staff equipment controlled, targeted access (Video only available in german version). 

Reports & Topology
Instant network overview with graphical reports & topology (Video only available in german version). 

NAC simply explained

Hear why IT security fails without NAC and how macmon gives you overview, comfort and security in the whole network. 

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